Heroes Red, White, and Blue Inaugural Ball

The Heroes Red, White, and Blue Inaugural Ball is a tribute to veterans of American armed forces during the Inauguration. This will be the third such inaugural ball hosted by Citizens Helping Heroes, a non-profit organization which aims to help military families and especially wounded warriors.


January 20, 2013


6:30 p.m.


Warner Theater, 513 13th St. NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20004






For more information, please visit the site of Citizens Helping Heroes.

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6 thoughts on “Heroes Red, White, and Blue Inaugural Ball”

  1. Please provide me 8 tickets for the red, ehite and blue ball. Both my husband and I are veterans of the militay and served the Army well for a combined total of 55 years. I have attendedthe last 2 balls you have given and support you 100%. Please reserve these tickets for us. I thank you kindly.

  2. I am a an Air Force Veteran and will be attending the inaguration as I did for the previous. Please reserve 2 tickets for my wife and I. Thank you. Joe Wright, Jr. Retired AirForce

  3. I am currently serving 23 years on active duty with US Air Force and will be attending the inaguration with my sons. It would be an honor for me to attend your ball with my fellow comrades to celebrate our Commander and Chief’s final term. Kindly, reserve 4 tickets for me and my family members. Most appreciative, MSgt Cassondra Powell, USAF

  4. Chris,

    This was such a great event last inauguration and it was truly an honor to see a fellow American University alumni assemble such a great evening.

    I would appreciate a reservation this time as well for Nicholas Jerge. If you need anything from me to help make this year’s Ball even better, I would be glad to help.

    Thanks again,

    Nicholas Jerge
    Executive Vice President
    New Wave Energy Corporation
    O: 716-887-9701
    C: 716-713-9154
    F: 1-866-316-9366

  5. Greetings,
    I am a Gold Star Wife that lost my husband in the line of duty 2 years ago. I will be in the DC area for the inauguration and would love to attend your event. I would need tickets for 3 Gold Star Wives of Active Duty Soldiers and three guest if possible. Please contact me and provide me information regarding your event and details regarding how to obtain tickets.
    Thank you,
    Danielle Charles

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