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How do I get tickets for the 2013 inaugural ceremony?

Tickets to the inaugural swearing-in ceremony are normally assigned within about a month or two of the inauguration date and may be requested from members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.  You may need to reside in the state or district of the senator or congressperson from whose office you are requesting a ticket.  When requesting tickets, you may be required to provide the name, address, and other contact information for each person for whom a ticket is requested.  The number of tickets given out are limited, and some offices have instituted “lottery” systems as a means of assigning tickets.

Use the two search links below to find your local officials and ask whether any tickets are available, or to have your name put on a waiting list for tickets.

Please note that in the past, a number of offices stopped taking additional names for ticket requests in early December, so it is best to act soon after the November election.  Also, please be aware of tickets scams.

How much do tickets cost for the swearing-in ceremony?

U.S. Senate and House offices distribute tickets free of charge.

If tickets are free, why have I seen that some tickets are for sale?

If someone offers to sell you swearing-in ceremony tickets soon after the election, know that such an offer may be fraudulent.  Official tickets are distributed by congressional offices shortly before the inauguration, and there is no charge for these.  With that said, the reality is that demand for tickets typically exceeds supply, and not everyone is able to obtain tickets this way.  After congressional offices distribute their tickets in January 2013, some of these will inevitably be sold or given away and acquired by companies that specialize in ticket reselling.

Do I need tickets to watch the swearing-in ceremony?

No.  While tickets are needed to enter certain areas, there will be non-ticketed viewing areas available as well.

Do I need tickets to watch the Inaugural Parade?

No.  Tickets are only required to watch the parade from certain places along the parade route, and these tickets are handled by the Presidential Inaugural Committee.  For more information on the parade, please go here.

How do I get tickets for one of the official inaugural balls?

Some events, such as the official inaugural balls, are managed by the Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC).  In mid-December, the PIC began taking requests for ball tickets through a public ticket request form.

How much do tickets cost for the official balls?

The Presidential Inaugural Committee sold tickets to The Inaugural Ball, the only official ball open to the general public for the 2013 Inauguration, at a cost of $60 per ticket.  Tickets to the Commander-in-Chief’s Ball were given out free to select members of the U.S. military.

If I do not receive an official invitation to one of the official balls, can I still get tickets?

Yes, though the price is likely going to be higher than the original price.  More information is posted here as it becomes av

How do I get tickets for one of the unofficial inaugural balls?

Tickets for the “unofficial” balls are normally available through their sponsoring organizations. For the 2009 inauguration, over one hundred such galas were held by state societies, foundations, businesses, and other groups at a variety of locations in and around the Washington, D.C. area.  In contrast, only ten official balls were held to celebrate the inauguration.  Unofficial balls are therefore far more numerous and offer a greater variety of entertainment experiences that guests may enjoy.  To find information about the unofficial balls that will be held in January, 2013, please see the list of unofficial inaugural balls on this site.

How much do tickets cost for the unofficial balls?

The prices vary, but many fall in the $100-$500 range.

Can I order tickets to inaugural events through does not handle or sell any tickets. When available, links to ticket sellers and/or sponsoring organizations are included on this site.  Please visit those external sites to make any purchases.

What does “TBA” mean in the listings of official and unofficial balls or other inaugural events?

The use of “TBA” (To Be Announced) means that particular event information has not been supplied by the event organizer or it is unknown at this time. If you are in need of information (e.g. attire for a ball) which is not on, please contact the organizer directly.

Where can I get media passes/credentials?

Credentials are available by contacting the Senate departments for Radio/TV, daily print, periodicals and photography.  For press inquiries to the National Park Service about the Inauguration, please call 202-619-7222.

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